Some secrets are better locked away.

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When a brutal car accident takes place in the desolate backcountry, the only onlooker is Clive (Nick Searcy), a lonely man who lives nearby in an isolated shack. As he approaches the scene, he sees the girl of his dreams, dead among the debris. Certain that she is “the one,” Clive will do whatever it takes to keep her by his side. When the victim’s sister (Joelle Carter) and boyfriend (Matt Keeslar) arrive, they quickly become unwitting hostages.


  • The Actors Speak: The Making of Cold Storage
  • Blood, Sweat and Rain: The Effects of Cold Storage
  • Death in 20 Seconds: Filming the Car Crash
  • Too Many Places: The Locations of Cold Storage
  • The Wit of Clive Mercer
  • You People Get to Work: Crew Bloopers
  • Trailer Gallery

Widescreen Presentation | English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio | Optional English Subtitles | Optional Spanish Subtitles

Rated R
Run Time: 95 Minutes

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