KNIGHT ASCENDANT: Knights of the Flaming Star Book Two



Even after saving the Universe, it’s impossible to get a day off.

Elite mercenary company The Knights of the Flaming Star barely have time to recover from their latest exploit before their newest crewmember is kidnapped by interdimensional beings and returns with terrifying information about an impending invasion that will wipe out all galactic travel and doom a multitude of planets to slow death.

Their outlandish claims are met with skepticism and scorn, forcing the Knights to act alone against a threat from outside the known galaxy. It’s a race against time as they work to stop the alien devastation while also dealing with treachery and deceit among those they seek to protect. Things get even more complicated when their fate rests in the hands of an unassuming young girl.

The second book in the Knights of the Flaming Star series, Knight Ascendant continues the adventures of a rough and tumble but lovable crew and their hyperaware spaceship. Blending magic and science in a unique manner, the story is action-packed and full of fantastic characters.