A CRY OF DECAY: The Necromancer Saga Book Two



“You are the only Necromancer left.”

Erick Darvaul has gone through fire, betrayal, and death to reach Broken Mountain. Now he intends to gather with other necromancers to once again destroy Eligos, the Master of Shadows that threatened the world a thousand years ago and had returned to threaten all life once more. But the others who practice his often maligned form of magic have either fallen or been seduced by the darkness of Eligos, and Erick is now on his own.

But all is not lost, and hope blooms from despair. On the ancient battleground at Broken Mountain, Erick learns from his distant ancestors that there is another who may be willing to aid him in his fight: a witch woman known as Alais, who lives in the distant swamps, alone and powerful.

Now Erick and his stalwart companions must begin another trek to strange places, dogged every step by enemies. For the power of Eligos is growing, and more are coming to his cause. And two former Necromancers, now in league with the dark one, have learned a new, dreadful magic, a hellish power that they hope will ensure Eligos rises victorious while the world burns.