A WHISPER OF DEATH: The Necromancer Saga Book One



Who was the man known as the Dark Savior? The numerous legends that have sprung up make the wheat of truth hard to separate from the chaff of hyperbole. I can tell you that, before the idea of Dark Savior ever came to be, he was a bitter and frightened young man.

-Excerpt from lecture by Corberin of Draymed, given at the University of Straph

The dead won’t stay buried, and they’re raising secrets with them…

Erick Darvaul just wanted to be left alone to grieve the loss of his parents, but when the citizens of the town showed up on his doorstep at night, he knew nothing would ever be the same. Long hated and feared by the townsfolk for their practice of Necromancy, the Darvaul family had always kept themselves apart from the people of Draymed. Until now. Now, there are vampires attacking the village, and only Erick can stop them. But will he?

A Whisper of Death is the first book of The Necromancer Saga, a new hero’s journey saga from Paul Barrett, co-author of Knight Errant. Follow young Erick as he builds a band of companions around himself to fight against a rising tide of darkness that threatens to engulf the land. But he must take care, for all too often the darkness comes from within himself, or those he trusts the most.